Community involvement

Community involvement

Princess Margareta

Be the angel of the old

We have created the program “Be the angel of the old” in collaboration with the Princess Margareta Foundation and we support, with the help of our customers, the people suffering from loneliness, poverty and old age. The customers willing to give hope and happiness to the less fortunate can donate a lunch menu in the City Grill restaurants. Thus, with the help of volunteers, we will be able to provide a hot meal highly needed by older people.

Andrei Rosu

We are the champions that set new records!

We support Andrei Rosu, the first Romanian who completed the 566 km race from the Arctic Circle. Holder of several national records of highway races, Andrei made Romanians proud and was included in the Guiness Book when he became the first person in the world who has completed 7 marathons and 7 ultra-marathons on the 7 continents in 582 days!

Iulian Rotariu

We support truly noble actions!

Iulian Rotariu, the firefighter who ran in the Gobi desert at over 40oC, crossed the finish line to help autistic children from the “Autism Botosan” Center.

Hope & Homes for Children

We sweeten and give at the same time

At Hanu’ lui Manuc, the cake made of black chocolate and alcoholic cherries sweetens everybody and each cake ordered here means 1 Leu for the Hope and Homes for Children Foundation. Thus, Romania’s vulnerable children can stay with their families.

Flowers for the soul

We offer flowers for the soul with all our heart

Together with the Princess Margareta Foundation, we celebrate each year “Flowers for the soul” at Hanu’ Berarilor. In other words, we offer flowers and congratulations to customers over 65 years old and we celebrate together the appetite for life at all ages.


I want to grow up

On Sundays fun and creativity rule the City Grill restaurants and children learn the secrets of being a waiter or a cook and chef, pizza making and pie baking.

Education of children from Romanian villages

We support the education of children from the Romanian villages

The children from the Romanian villages need to enjoy the life-changing experience of reading a book. So, for each 10 lei donated to Curtea Veche Association, we help a child from the countryside to enroll in the national reading program “Childhood Books”.

We are listening!
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