Hanu lui Manuc și povestea sa

Hanu lui Manuc și povestea sa

City Grill is a homage paid to the restaurant from the Little Paris, with origins in the traditional cuisine and influenced in time by various cuisines: Oriental, German, French and transformed today into an urban, cosmopolite cuisine that still keeps its original traditionalism.
Beyond design and atmosphere, our menus are rich in traditional dishes rediscovered by Chef Dan Țonescu. Thus, the Romanian cuisine follows the traditional cookery trends.
The first restaurant was launched in 2004, namely City Grill Primăverii. Today the brand portfolio comprises 4 locations: CityGrill Primăverii, CityGrill Covaci, CityGrill Floreasca and City Grill Băneasa.

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In 2005 the first café was opened, City Café Charles de Gaulle, and until 2012 City Café Terminal Schengen and City Café City Gate were launched. These locations are always welcoming and spoil our customers with the unmistakable smell of flavored coffee and with a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Additionally to our tasty coffees, you are welcome to enjoy our salads, pasta, soups and ice-creams and the cakes baked in our kitchens.

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In 2009 the first brewery-type restaurant was opened, namely Hanu' Berarilor Casa Oprea Soare and in 2011 Hanu’ Berarilor Casa Elena Lupescu. The two restaurants are hosted by monument buildings where joy and selected dishes are the stars of the menu. Traditional Romanian dishes, accompanied by plenty of cold beer in a decorum filled with history, create a special atmosphere for a dinner with friends, as well as for a business lunch or special occasion.

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In 2006 Caru' cu bere became part of the Company’s portfolio and it has remained a place of tradition and color where each object tells a story. The spirit of parties from past ages and the exuberance of Bucharest from the beginning of the 20th century highlight the menu with Romanian specialties and international dishes.

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In 2007 the first restaurant Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei was opened and until 2014 four new locations were added: Trattoria Buongiorno Băneasa, Trattoria Buongiorno Terminal Schengen, Trattoria Buongiorno Primăverii and Trattoria Buongiorno Lido. Thus, in the center of Bucharest you can meet a bit of Italy while enjoying masterfully cooked dishes such as seafood, pizza cooked in wood fired ovens and the delicious homemade pasta.

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The famous Pescăruș Restaurant from Herăstrău became part of the City Grill Group in January 2015 and has become a location of carefully chosen dishes, selected wines and an orchestra that sets fire on the dance floor. Thus, the newest old restaurant of Bucharest is the place fusing fun and joy with historic charm.

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Hanu’ lui Manuc Restaurant has been part of the City Grill Group since July 2015. Located on the left in the yard of the oldest inn from Europe, the restaurant mixes in a unique way the traditional and the modern both at architectonical and cookery levels. Moreover, it offers a polyvalent perspective while the garden, veranda, the upper floor hall and the wine cellars suit any event.

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